Comic 196 - One More
13th Jan 2015, 7:48 PM in I'm Coming Up
One More
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The party still has some time left...
User comments:
Hedrah (Guest) edit delete reply
Heheheh, Sean is not looking for face full of wing-wong.
mrjonreck edit delete reply
Is it just me or is her ambition for recording them naked getting really creepy?
damastech (Guest) edit delete reply
Seemed kinda like it was creepy way back, what with the insistence on a "not a tankini," a suit that all but melted, random predator and save a ho bro, underwater porn, random dragging towards guys, somehow having booze airlifted to location... Maybe I see things as intentional and her as the scapegoat, but View seems to make things pretty obvious that she is the pretty-dangerous route's guide.
Sheela edit delete reply
Package delivery by drones is something that already happens some places in the world .. today.

So not so strange that it would happen in the future as well.
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It should be clear that she's SUUUUPER aggressive.
Eli (Guest) edit delete reply
Yeah, I've seen that. Funny thing is, Cara reminded me a lot of a person I was dating, and I thought it was a positive/playful attitude until that person sexually assaulted me.
Bellar edit delete reply
I just figured her behavior is partly because she hadn't been getting much positive attention before she lost some of her weight through scuba/scrub diving.
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psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
I think big sister disapproves of naked fun time...