Comic 194 - Popov
9th Jan 2015, 9:12 PM in I'm Coming Up
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These pages are taking too long because A) I'm under the weather and B) they're more complicated than they look.
User comments:
mrjonreck edit delete reply
cabron (Guest) edit delete reply
I will only be happy when Cara joins in
Sheela edit delete reply
I dunno why, but I find Alis absolutely hilarious in Panel 1 !!

And putting her top back on ?
No way - She just got it off!
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Panel one looks like a heavy metal poster met a swimsuit issue.
Sheela edit delete reply
hah, that's a pretty good description. :)
psianogen (Guest) edit delete reply
I think she just decided shes over dressed...
Bellar edit delete reply
Hehe, I half expected those side ties to come undone and for all Alis's bluster to evaporate following panel 1.
Caliban (Guest) edit delete reply
Cut to a scene of her behind bars a few weeks later due to the video on her phone and out of control child pornography laws.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Haha, well that was a creative way to console a friend. : )