Comic 185 - The Big Secret
11th Dec 2014, 9:24 PM in I'm Coming Up
The Big Secret
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I saved all of yesterday's photos, and I'm pretty sure you'll see them again if you visit at the end of the month!

But I really wasn't using it as a shallow attempt to get fanart. I was just posting something to keep everyone busy while I worked out the shading.
User comments:
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Same universe as NMtG?
Sheela edit delete reply
Sounds like it.

That's pretty cool actually. :)
vivaldi edit delete reply
That would be absolutely fucking sweet if so.
Mister Flames edit delete reply
I don't know, we've yet to see any AI or robotics, I think.
Bellar edit delete reply
NMtG was set in something of a isolated think tank community of sorts, was my impression.

So it could be the same universe and would be cool to see a bunch of stories from the same world setting.
Veekay (Guest) edit delete reply
No AI/robot? explain the autopiloting ship responding to voice commands. :P
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
What is 'NMtG'?
Sheela edit delete reply
It is Never Mind the Gap.

Worth a read. :)
mrjonreck edit delete reply
Well, Denver melt, Mordor, it wasn't really that far off.
wiseguy edit delete reply
merle edit delete reply
The only word that ever goes with "melt" to make something happy is "tuna".
Sheela edit delete reply
Also Patty Melt. :)
merle edit delete reply
Ooh. Good point!
_Nder edit delete reply
hmm, it appears Alis may have lost some friends over being slightly diseased. I'm sure Sean is above that though.
I never quite understood what a Melt was. I remember the term from NMtG, some kind of biological weapon?
wiseguy edit delete reply
If I recall correctly it was a nanobot swarm used to treat pollution that ran amok. I think.
Phuji edit delete reply
Nanobots designed to eat bio-waste that ate EVERYTHING sounds about right.
Meddy (Guest) edit delete reply
IIRC "melt" doesn't refer to the bioweapon itself, but to the XVT saturation bombing that's used to contain it.

XVT makes living matter melt on contact.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Powerful page, View!

Great art!

Shocking revelation from Alis! o_O;

That would explain her missing eyebrows, odd voice, rail-thin physique, and reliance on the patches which switched shoulders in panels 2 and 3 as a minor continuity error that I immediately noticed. Don't fret about that, View--continuity errors can and have cropped up in big-budget Hollywood movies. I hope Alis gets a happy ending whether she 'exits' or not....

Now I have to read NEVER MIND THE GAP for proper context to FULLY appreciate today's page.

Well done, View!

Thank you for sharing. :)
view edit delete reply
Ah, I missed that. I'll fix it sometime soon.
Haps edit delete reply
Well most of what i was gonna say is all ready said.. this is great for the story tho.
WhiteAier (Guest) edit delete reply
If you need more art for your holiday week, feel free to use the Iri fanart I made earlier in the year. :) Not sure if you need or still have it, but will relink if you would like View.

As with everyone else, I'm excited by the revelations of this page. In before plot-twist that Mary is Alis' mom. Pfft, yah I know that couldn't happen but thought makes me laugh.
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Didn't I use that already? I'll probably post it again anyway!
Forever Night edit delete reply
Forever Night
"Its a comic about scuba diving, and cyborgs." Do i sense a crossover!?!?