Comic 183 - Away
7th Dec 2014, 10:26 PM in I'm Coming Up
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Author Notes:
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I gotta get my art back. It's so clunky these days.
User comments:
mrjonreck edit delete reply
To I72 shallows we go!
wiseguy edit delete reply
I'm sorry you lost your art :(
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
There's a not alot you can do to hurt another person underwater. Punching him in his goggles will do it though, results may vary. He shoulda used his palm.
Me (Guest) edit delete reply
Someone is enjoying the view.
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
Did they just leave him behind to die?

view edit delete reply
Leave who? The two divers they met up with are obviously not invited to the rest of the party, but they are only a few hundred meters from their base.
marmelmm edit delete reply
Lost art? Just draw more Sean and Cara. Suits optional, of course. ;-) <3
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
About the whole "losing your art" thing, I know the feels. :/ I think it happens to every artist now and then. Feels like a huge blockage in the brain. Thank goodness it goes away eventually!