Comic 160 - Coming out
20th Oct 2014, 11:00 PM in Getting to Know You
Coming out
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Ugh, life is so damn busy.
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Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
-- John Lennon (October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980)

I first found out about Lennon's tragic passing long ago in school when someone wrote '1940 - 1980' into the condensation of a school bus window and still remember that moment to this day.... (-_-)

Now I understand why the powerful/rich/famous are surrounded by security but 'they' can still get you like 'they' got Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan (temporarily). Same thing could have happened to Bill Gates when he was smashed in the face with a creme pie years ago as a prank while overseas on a business trip while his security detail looked on in surprise (momentarily). That pie could have easily been a bullet fired from a gun at point blank range....

On a happier note....

Nice page, View!

One of the diver guys is missing (not Mr. Beard). What happened to him?

_Nder edit delete reply
Sal and Arch? I would assume they're still underwater.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
There are 7 pairs of flippers showing in the last panel and Alis is helping Sean out who is still wearing the 8th pair.

I guess Sal and Arch got out 'off screen' between pages 158 and 160 (the chapter 8 cover between them doesn't count).

In page 158, Alis and Sean are the last to approach the ladder underwater to get out of the water as they are the farthest away from it. This implies that all the others got out already--Mr. Beard and the other guy from the underwater habitat, Cara, Mr. Ponytail, Sal, and Arch. I guess Sal and Arch are exploring the junkyard/parking lot they are all at.
cattservant edit delete reply
Illegal, Ooo!
DizzasterJuice edit delete reply
There's a ship dock here where I live that looks a lot like that. They load junk cars onto barges to recycle them and some of the cars fall into the 65' deep water, attracting all kinds of grouper and other game fish. Since 9/11 it has been patrolled by the port authority but you can still sneak in at low tide and hide your boat under the dock. heheh
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
It's been 13+ years.

It's just 'security theater' by now just like TSA.

Your tax dollars at work.... :P
pw (Guest) edit delete reply
might just be that i'm listening to primus atm but that sounds like a helluva fishing spot.
Jinmen (Guest) edit delete reply
View, I figured since this is a daily comic, this is what keeps you busy, but do you have any other site/blog/whatever that collects your art/comics?
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You can read most of my comics from my profile here. There are some more archaic comics floating around.