Comic 158 - Ascent
15th Oct 2014, 9:47 PM in Heights
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Author Notes:
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Do you remember how it looked with flat color? :)

I can really tell these days whether someone is thinking in terms of color. Comics that are inked without being conceived for color from the ground up look worse when you add color.
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
Do you remember when you were starting out to improve your color skills?
I think you are arriving.
Sheela edit delete reply
We hope you enjoyed the journey. :)

And it's more than just color, it's also about adding light 'n' shadow.
pkrankow edit delete reply
Can you link to the flat color so comparison can be made?
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
GREAT COLORFUL PIC, VIEW! (^_^) \o/ d(^_^d)

But Alis and Sean got 'cropped'! T^T

Vivid, vibrant colors!

Another desktop wallpaper grade image! :D

I wonder where Mr. Beard(?), Cara, and the others are headed now?...

Thanks for sharing, View! :)
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Very true, View! I've noticed that too.
Hey look a leg!! +w+ Nice page! Nice details in the cars.
Meddy (Guest) edit delete reply
Woah, the finished panel is amazing.
QuietClayton edit delete reply
That whole page is wonderful...just enough detail on everything and the coloring is perfect.
Jinmen (Guest) edit delete reply
Hmm, there's some foreshadowy body language going on.