Comic 151 - Whale of a Time
28th Sep 2014, 3:41 PM in Heights
Whale of a Time
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Pages take time when I goof off with colors.
User comments:
marmelmm edit delete reply
5:15, right on time.

Also, peek-a-boo! <3
cattservant edit delete reply
An awe inspiring view,
Even puppy wants a peek!
Sheela edit delete reply
.. Woof ! :)
cattservant edit delete reply
Alis has her priorities!
Meh.Aloe edit delete reply
Bwahaha. This is adorable. "The magnificent sights of the, uh, ocean..."
Malcadon edit delete reply
Now this is a Free Willy reboot that I can get behind. ;)
Mr me (Guest) edit delete reply
Ha ha. Free Willy can't apply to Alis
Lysander (Guest) edit delete reply
We canna hold on much longer capt'n! Bikini integrity failing! Hull breach imminent!
Bellar edit delete reply
And then Alis tried to help by tucking Sean's tit back in for her. Purely a good natured buddy thing to do definitely not coping a feel.