Comic 148 - Breath Out
20th Sep 2014, 7:13 PM in Heights
Breath Out
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Playin' around!
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cattservant edit delete reply
Must be polite guests!
ksevcik (Guest) edit delete reply
Polite because they're not stealing the air? Not really.

Pressurized air is one of the dangers of scuba. Under water, the air you breath is the same pressure as the water itself. That's about one atmosphere per 33 feet. So 33 feet down, one breath has as much air as two breaths on the surface.

You know how plastic bags expand and pop when you drove up a mountain or go up in an airplane? Imagine the air in your lungs expanding to twice (or more) the size as you ascend. It's very important to keep your mouth open and always breathe when scuba diving. So similar principle here, though they'd likely be okay if the let air out constantly on the way up. But easier to just dump it now.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Though the patches they wear will sustain them on their swim back to the surface, they could still injure their lungs if they don't breathe out enough air to begin with before they start back up. They wouldn't know as there are no pain receptors IN the lungs! The volume of whatever air is left held in their lungs will double by the time they reach the surface ten meters away (33 feet).

Cara and the others still have to be careful. Hopefully View accounts for that in the following page(s).

Cara's statement in panel 3 could be considered the TL;DR version of SCUBA diving in a nutshell!

A charater in AIRBOSS III: THE PAYBACK (1999) put it this way:

"Key concepts are as follows: Take a /deep/ breath. Clear the [submarine] hatch. /Slowly/ blow it out as you ascend.
But /do not/ ascend faster than your slowest bubble. If you do, /you die/."


Here's a 90-second SCUBA 'instructional video' that makes the same warning in a bit less dire fashion about a minute in:
cattservant edit delete reply
I thought there might be more to it.
Thanks for the explanation.
wiseguy edit delete reply
These are awesome pages View. I like the thicker line work.
view edit delete reply
I'm playing around!
Sheela edit delete reply
Lineweight is almost an artform in itself.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
I wonder who the beard guy is... I hope it's not obvious and I'm just slow lol.
view edit delete reply
It's not obvious yet, but one of the divers is beardy.
T (Guest) edit delete reply
Must be Sean - its beneath her mask. Being a bearded lady explains her shyness. It all makes sense now.
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Yeeeup, I saw that guy. I just don't know who he is, is all haha.