Comic 142 - Descent
8th Sep 2014, 9:01 PM in Heights
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Fun with colors!
User comments:
Shaylyn-KM edit delete reply
Nice! I like the lighting here.
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Thanks! It was fun to think about.
highlander55 edit delete reply
Nice vibrant colors View!
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VulturesUnderTheMoon edit delete reply
You're color pages are gorgeous.
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Thanks, I'm learning slowly.
VulturesUnderTheMoon edit delete reply
Here here
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply've got some 'splanin to do! :D

Consider the following:

Cara: We're visiting Tower Heights lagoon.
There's an observatory at the bottom.

Cara: It's only ten meters down, but it's
completely isolated. So they love visitors.
Using Alis as a 'ruler' and asuming she is 5 feet tall
from the top of her head to the edge of the fin on her left
leg she is wearing, I measure roughly 13 times Alis' height
from the bottom where the large weight holding the decent line
taught to the top edge of the picture. That works out to
65 feet which is essentially 20 meters (66 feet), 10 meters more
than what Cara said on page 125. Why the discrepancy? Is Tower
Heights on an unseen ledge in shallower water?

Anyway, great picture! Vivid, vibrant colors! d(^_^d)

Keep up the good work, View! :D
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I'm bad at scale!

It's canonically ~10m.
JustSomeGuy (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't sweat it View... lots of artists (especially in comics) have trouble with scale. The average person doesn't see the world in terms of measurements, so we take scale for granted.
cattservant edit delete reply
A different world!
The Paleontologist edit delete reply
Love the fever of rays! I can be a bit of a marine biology nerd sometimes...