Comic 132 - I
22nd Aug 2014, 9:44 PM in Shipping
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I worked forty hours in three days!

I'll also be working this weekend. Not sure if the next comic will be Sunday.

But it's a good tired.
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
Rich and Famous!
wiseguy edit delete reply
Damn! I wish I had you hours! It's commendable that you still have the time and motivation to work on Scrub Diving. :)
UmberGryphon edit delete reply
Alis is thinking "Do I say I want to be Sean's buddy, because that's what I want; or do I say that I want to be buddies with the person Sean's not interested in, because that gets Sean what she wants?"

This is a critical crossroads.
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Sheela edit delete reply
Go with both ! :D
Bellar edit delete reply
You're forgetting that Sean might feel too awkward to be around guys in her new swimsuit, I bet anything Alis get's cut off by Sean's excuse to pair up with her.

Or that Alis might perceive that discomfort and together with her own desire buddy herself up with Sean "to make her more comfortable" or some such thing.
WhiteAier (Guest) edit delete reply
Quoting Sean from the school chapter 'Dibs on the ponytail guy'. So the person she wanted was already taken.
Mr me (Guest) edit delete reply
the highlight of this page is the 24 minutes automatic and the arrow pointing at his crotch.
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Don't burn yourself out with overwork, View, we need you to keep drawing Scrub Diving! :D

Kidding somewhat aside, that is good to hear that you are able to provide for yourself--please don't hurt yourself in the process.

Long ago, I worked myself /sick/ one day at a job. Got home and basically went straight to bed. Wasn't 100% the next day but still went into work. I think after that I recovered back to normal--it was so long ago I forgot the details....