Comic 130 - Sprayfight
18th Aug 2014, 10:14 PM in Shipping
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professordethorn edit delete reply
Boy, this reminds me of my times on the beach, everyone climbing over themselves to rub lotion all over the hairy yeti that is yours truly. Good times, good times.
Sheela edit delete reply
Good times ?
cattservant edit delete reply
Take that!
wiseguy edit delete reply
Love the negative space in the last panel.
view edit delete reply
Me too!
Sheela edit delete reply
And it's so easy to draw too! :)
RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
So, nobody was getting close enough to spray her, so alis did it?
merle edit delete reply
Only thing I can't tel is, are they fighting with each other over who gets to do it, or is Alis the only one with the guts to actually move into her personal space and do it?
Sheela edit delete reply
I doubt Carol would have any trouble in the guts department, she seems more attracted to boys, and she did help Sean design her new bikini.

Besides, she sprayed Sean the last time they went diving.
merle edit delete reply
Fair point! Just Alis being territorial, I suppose.
mr. me (Guest) edit delete reply
Alia has Elsa hair
marmelmm edit delete reply
LOL! Luvvit. <3
Malcadon edit delete reply
Sunscreen spry... so even; so efficient. And yet...

Not as enjoyable as applying conventional suntan lotion. =(
DieKatzchen (Guest) edit delete reply
Carol's face in panel 2 "Give me that, idiot."

Alis's face in panel 4 "MAH woman!"
Twistedfro edit delete reply
Carol grabbed the can from him cause he was checking her out (hard)instead of spraying..(I think Carol likes him)..Then Alis grabbed the can from Carol cause Carol paused grilling Sean probably thinking "what the hell was he staring at...I'm more woman that her..Should've made that suit for myself"..then Alis grabbed it 'cause she didn't like Carol staring Sean down like that..."Stop glaring at my gal..uh gal pal" she thinks. Then Alis got close and was able to both spray and check Sean out at the same time...problem solved :-) (Alis knows how to multi-task)
DGL14 (Guest) edit delete reply
Is there a Download for this story it is taking a long tom to copy and past this comic to my computer, and I need this collected before friday, it is mostly for myself
view edit delete reply
No, but look into wget.