Comic 122 - Safety First
4th Aug 2014, 9:44 PM in Shipping
Safety First
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RandomTroll (Guest) edit delete reply
'Momy' has a crush on someone that isn't everyone's favorite semi-exhibitionist.
wiseguy edit delete reply
The plot thickens. Love it.
Bellar edit delete reply
Did it thicken?
I think it thinned out to become pretty clear.
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Sheela edit delete reply
Something about plots being thick or skinny, I didn't really follow it.

Or maybe it was about chickens ? Yeah, I could do with a roasted chicken right about now.
Lets say it's about chickens, or about chicks at least, 'cause I'm hungry for more. :)
view edit delete reply
I'm preeeeetty sure absolutely nobody has guessed either major plot point yet. This series is a slow starter.
mr me (Guest) edit delete reply
First, this is a plot where being to space is pretty common. 2, Sean is bi at minimum. But space, perhaps not common, but more so than today. . Next thing is they are all poison monkeys.
Phuji edit delete reply
One plot point surely must be Alis' previously mentioned medical condition.
ishvara edit delete reply
Since we have barely been diving and haven't touched on the cyborg portion of the story, I look forward to the remaining plot development.
Sheela edit delete reply
Interestingly, most of View's stories have incooperated some form of vast & serious climate change.

The Crater High comic had .. well .. a big crater.
Never Mind The Gap had bioweapons that could melt the landscape.
Spacepulp had the entire poison monkey world nuked to oblivion .. and they liked it that way!

And now this, where they have underwater bridges.

... ohhh, my plots senses are tingling !
antrik (Guest) edit delete reply
The bioweapons didn't melt the landscape. The aggressive chemical used to quell the bioweapons did.
cattservant edit delete reply
Sean is impressed by achievement,
but Alis is very catlike about working her situations.
Malcadon edit delete reply
And no, its not a pill... or a suppository. XP
discodecepticon edit delete reply
with that pin/clip there I'd hope not :)

I would clip it through the hole in my ear... seems better than through just any random spot on my swimming shorts(easier at hand as an ear ring)
Sheela edit delete reply
Or in a necklace.