Comic 12 - Babump
19th Feb 2014, 11:09 PM in What Is Free
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Fun with color!
User comments:
Sheela edit delete reply
Hrm .. almost like a sonar ... hmm

Radioman : Sir? Foreign Heartbeat detected !
Commander : Target foreign heartbeat !
Gunner : Target locked!
Commander : Load torpedoes!
Loader : Torpedoes loaded and primed!
Gunner : Ready to launch torpedoes.
Commander : LAUNCH TORPEDOES !!!


Radio man : ...
Commander : ...
Loader : ...
Gunner : ... uhh

*long awkward silence*

Commander : HOW COULD YOU MISS ?!
Danger wasp edit delete reply
Danger wasp
wtf is going on? is she going to EXPLODE!!!
Sheela edit delete reply
Ba-Boom ?
Nightsky edit delete reply
Well, it would fit View's "twist ending" MO. The twist: the comic's only 12 pages long.
Sheela edit delete reply
Heh, that would be an unexpected twist, for certain.
VlRGlL edit delete reply
She will detonate the next page.

The comic is actually a future detective noir setting about how a grizzled cyborg who doesn't play by the rules is trying to find out why these drug patches are making people explode with enough force to take out a city block.
James (Guest) edit delete reply
After the block has been taken out, I really don't I really like it's job of even finding out that the patches are to blame.
WhiteBishop95 edit delete reply
And just like that, those two are in sync. View, you never fail to rise to the occasion. a truly beautiful and original way to show development between two characters.
view edit delete reply
Eh, some see it, some don't. Lots to learn.
cattservant edit delete reply

rainbows 1701 edit delete reply
rainbows 1701
Woah, interesting thing you're doing with the colors there, View! very artsy and neat!
BAZ the MAD edit delete reply
First, there was panic.
Then, there was calm.
And then, unity.
merle edit delete reply
I didn't realize the "two of them getting in synch" bit until the second time I read this page...but it's really good.

Also, you have no freaking idea how envious I am of Nanotech Blood Patch Girl right now. Wish I could stay underwater that long.
Maximiloan D Geist (Guest) edit delete reply
Hyperspace engine ready, GO!