Comic 110 - Chat
16th Jul 2014, 10:08 PM in A Long Night
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End of chapter!
User comments:
cattservant edit delete reply
A very fine chapter indeed!

[She got into her head,
now for her heart...]
wiseguy edit delete reply
Yes! Maybe. We'll see. Definitely something to look forward to.
Bellar edit delete reply
I dunno, I'm still left thinking Alis is barking up the wrong tree.
Sheela edit delete reply
She may well be.
However, for now she has a huggable Sean to sleep with, as if she were a teddybear. :)
PainfulBuggery edit delete reply
Thought this would happen. I figured view would be doing something different this time around but I didn't have the heart to shoot down everyone's hopes.

I've been more interested in view's view (heh) of possible future tech.
Sheela edit delete reply
I believe it has been considered, atleast a few times by now, that View might be a giant tease, this time around.
But then, it's also View who writes it, so he could also write it as a straight up lesbian story.

We simply don't know yet, offcourse that part of the excitement of a story like that. :)
cattservant edit delete reply
"Who knows what evil lurks..."
The Authartistor Knows!
Frankie Peanuts edit delete reply
View is in reality Lamont Cranston, wealthy young man-about-town?
cattservant edit delete reply
Something we will never know!
[Our minds are clouded.]
view edit delete reply
I do have this weird three-headed knife thing that won't leave me alone...
Frankie Peanuts edit delete reply
Does it have Frank Welker's voice?
Sheela edit delete reply
And does it bite your hand ?

If it fits all those criteria, could you please send it with tube-post to my office, so I can push it back up Hitler's arse ? :D
rainbows 1701 edit delete reply
rainbows 1701
Huzzah for snuggles!
merlinnia edit delete reply
Thank god this is a finished comic and I did not just run out of archive on this page ahahaha