Comic 104 - What Do I Like
8th Jul 2014, 9:30 PM in A Long Night
What Do I Like
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Author Notes:
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My elbow feels almost back to normal!
User comments:
UmberGryphon edit delete reply
I'm trying to imagine what the word bubble in Panel 2 would sound like, and failing....
Phuji edit delete reply
White noise? Maybe a crackly giggle?
Rann edit delete reply
The fact that it looks sort of like a blood spatter made me think "phlegmy, liquid, and gross".
cattservant edit delete reply
Hooray for your recuperative powers!

[Strong silent types are popular.]
Passerby (Guest) edit delete reply
Great to hear your elbow is almost healed up!

Nice page, View! (^_^)

And Alis' 'aquaspeak' in the last panel is readable to me! Thanks a bunch! :D

Apparently, the colors you used for this in earlier pages were too light/faint for my PC screen and I had a difficult time or couldn't read them.
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Nah, I made those impossible on purpose. The brush had a much wider splash.
Bellar edit delete reply
Alright, who's betting that Alis is barking up the wrong tree?
Mister Flames (Guest) edit delete reply
Not I. She may be, or may not, since they are still students and the society they live may encourage experimentation. We'll find out as the story folds, so I'm not going to worry about it. View will show us as the characters tell their tale.

I like how fluffy Alis's hair looks out of the pool, which has me wonder about how hair dries. I would have thought the water would have weighed it down more, but I'm willing to admit I don't know. But Alis is totally adorable here.
Bellar edit delete reply
Speculation is fun though! Personally, Alis is coming on strong and Sean is fairly non-reactive, so I'm thinking this ship won't leave harbor.

Hair dryers spread hair and increase volume as a effect of their function, so fluff is to be expected with long hair.
Mister Flames (Guest) edit delete reply
That they do, but when did Alis have time to use a hair dryer from the pool to Sean asking "How Do I Purse?" to the sexy shirtedness. That's what got me wondering a little bit. I don't think Sean was going to stop for a minute to hit up the hair dryer when Alis's patch, the one she needs, has run out of juice.
Mr. me (Guest) edit delete reply
My wife and daughters hair curls up like crazy after why moisture. They go into all fluff and ringlets. The only time its straight is after it was heat like a dryer or straightener.

Speaking of injuries, I was on my truck moving a couch with the tail gate still up.the couch decided to fall knocking me out of the bed. My right leg didn't clear the side and got crushed. You aren't the only injured person view. If only I could heal fast like you!
Phuji edit delete reply
Considering the facts.
Fact 1: View has made girl-on-girl stories before.
Fact 2: The only males in this story, thus far, have been extras.
My opinion: I would be extremely surprised if nothing developed between these two after 104 pages.
Mister Flames (Guest) edit delete reply
A relationship has been developing, but whether it become sexual... who can say? Sex is pretty amazing stuff, but it isn't the be all and end all of human endeavor. Not even hot girl on girl. *grin*
cattservant edit delete reply
So profound.
But it certainly
ices the cupcake!
Cerami edit delete reply
I'm with Bellar.

Page 68: Sean blushes at Leio
Page 70: Sean cuts off Alis to call dibs on ponytail guy (Leio)
Page this: Titled "What Do I Like". Maybe Sean isn't sure what she likes?

And just look at this.

FACT: View's elbow was injured in a puppy juggling incident
FACT: Leio has elbows
FACT: Leio might have a puppy
FACT: If you bend your elbow, it makes a triangle shape. The same shape as the symbol for the Illuminati
FACT: Both Leio and View are in the Illuminati
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Phuji edit delete reply
Sean: "You mean, even my foot on your face and rubbing your breast with the other?"
Alis: "hwee...."
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
That look, my goodness.